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Three Rivers Retirement Village / Medical Facility in Three Rivers

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Administrator Details

Kindly use the Contact Button on this webpage to

be directly connected to the administrator of this Retirement Village.

Rozene Stols

Please contact the administrator using the button above who will gladly answer any questions you may have

Please note: You can also talk to us directly on WhatsApp during business hours.

Simply navigate to the home page where you will see a WhatsApp button at the bottom of the page.

Trimed Frail Care

Medical Facility in Three Rivers

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Trimed Frail Care

Medical Facility in Three Rivers

Our mission is to strive to have a high standard of nursing care. To render excellent service to the community through nursing care. To take into consideration the patient’s physical, psychological and emotional needs.

To maintain the patient’s dignity, comfort and identity at all times. Strive to adhere to honest, ethical and effective principles. The provision of evidence based caring and cost effective services to the older person andpatients residing or receiving treatment at Trimed.

Trimed strives to adhere to the Nursing Act: Act nr. 33 of 2005 and the (BCEA) BasicConditions of Employment Act, 1997, as amended on 24 June 2002, to maintain fair labourpractices.

Trimed Frail Care

Medical Facility in Three Rivers

Person-centered care enabling the elderly and frail residents towards meaningful aging. Person-centered health and rehabilitative care for patients receiving rehabilitation at Trimed.

Trimed Medical Centre / Frail Care Centre

Zani Cilliers

Matron's Details

Tel: 016 454 0511

Fax: 016 423 1499

Email: gerrycare@execnet.co.za

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